7 comments on “How Tellurium Made My Job Easy ?

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  2. Hi i am into manual testing for than 6 years. not that good in programming. but the current market demands for selenium automation with good programming in java. interested to know about tellurium in current market trend and its future. had a thought to do selenium with java course. but after seeing the features and benefits of tellurium. really like the concept of codeless automation with plan english language (codeless automation).. so you would like to suggest me. but actually not that interested in programming. need to ur suggestion..??

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  3. So need your suggestion, about the future of code less automation using tellurium..waiting for ur response.And need need your suggestion. what i can do next


    • @Krish.. Learning Java wont make you down any time. Tools like Selenium are running on top of java. I suggest you to learn java and try to write some programs. You will know what is automation. All the time market demands your analytical and logical skills, not tools.


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